Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Piano Man

Last night, I got together with a girlfriend and saw Billy Joel. It was the second time I got to see him in concert and it was fabulous. I could say a million things, but all I would do is sound like a dork, so I'll just say I totally enjoyed it.

After a little convincing, I am going to take Ethan, my now 6 year old to see the Foo Fighters in January on his 7th birthday. I have to get the tickets, but I don't think that will be hard. I can't wait to take him to a real rock concert.


The Unstable Blogger said...

OHMYGAWD I am so friggin jealous!!! I didnt even know Billy Joel was going to be in town until the morning after his show! I *love* Billy Joel. I'm so glad you got to go see him. What an awesome experience!!!! Did you get to take any pics?

I want to go see Stevie Wonder tonight at Nokia Theater so bad I cannot stand it!! I've looked up tickets twice this morning so I may just throw caution to the wind and go but I dunno yet. :)

VERY cool that you are taking Ethan to see the Foo Fighters! Boyzilla loves the FF too...he's 14 and has never been to a concert..maybe I should take him and that can be his first. Hmmm...

OMG you saw Billy Joel!!!!!! That is soooo freakin awesome!!

Little_Girl said...

Rock on! Let your kids into rock as early as possible. I know I'm not the parent but rap and hip hop should stay away from him.