Thursday, July 5, 2007

My husband surprises me! And its good, very good!

The husband and I have been married 12 years, I have been blessed and haven't worked full-time since the birth of our first child. All we have for retirement is a 401K from his work (that certainly won't see us thru the first year of retirement as it stands now). So we decided to call his Uncle for advice and he gave us the name of his financial advisor. So Tuesday we went and say the financial advisor. It was interesting, I liked the guy, he had good things to say and I felt comfortable with him handling our investments.

I am the "accountant" in our house. I don't think the husband really thinks about our financial status, he gets what he wants, tells me to get what I want and just lets me handle the money. I complain when he spends to much (or if I spend to much) and he usually listens unless some stupid video game is about to come out.

I am totally shocked and amazed at my husband. Today he spoke of our budget when I told him to drive thru McDonald's and get the kids lunch (I just didn't feel like making anything). He, my husband that buys junk at 7-Eleven all the time and is constantly coming home after just buying a coke a block away from our house when we have a case in the pantry, spoke to me of a budget. The same man who buys (or sneaks) every video game he can and only plays it after I have gone to bed for fear of being caught the first month he owns it, has the balls to actually comment to me about our budget.

I can honestly say I elated. I never thought I would see this day. We might actually get to build the house we want and send the kids to college and retire before we are 90. He's getting an extra special surprise when he gets home. Well maybe.

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