Tuesday, July 3, 2007

And then there was the flying creature.

There is a giant red wasp flying around my house. This is a danger when you have lots of little people running around your house and leaving doors open. You would think this would not be a very big problem, but for me it is.

I have a particularly irrational fear of flying stinging things. My parents and grandparents raised honey bees, I have convinced myself I will have a giant allergic reaction if a bee or wasp stings me. This is not the case, but I do get a really nasty welt and it hurts for like ever. Anyway, I also have a really big poison thing going on to. It probably more OCD regarding clean hands, but I hate to spray any kind of chemicals around my house, so yes, there goes the opportunity for wasp spray. My husband works till 10 and I'm basically screwed until he comes home unless the disgusting creature flies by the back/front door and waits for me to let him out.

I think I need to be sedated, or need some adrenaline shot to take care of this problem. If this is my last entry you will know it got me.

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