Friday, July 27, 2007

Margaritas & Sangria!!

Friday night happy hour is always fun with the girls. Traci, Charlene, Tami and Tami's friend Jamie were there and it was fun all around. Traci told us tales of her Iowa trip and came bearing gifts. Fabulous note cards made with her own photographs. She is always surprising me with new talents. I sometimes wonder what else she is keeping hidden.

Traci can also tell a great story - she has excellent delivery. Charlene the cheerleader and always full of compliments. Tami & Jamie are working on a documentary. Me, I just write my blog, and try to figure out if I'm really ever going to be a real estate agent. Maybe I need to act instead of think, but I'm a Virgo and we have to over-analyze everything. I'll probably die thinking about how to do that best.

Crap, I need another happy hour to figure out that last comment.

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