Friday, July 20, 2007

Driving was not good for me.

OK, so I've spent a week in San Antonio, I'm looking forward to getting home to my husband (well kinda because he purchased a PlayStation3 while I was gone without permission) and I get my car packed, get the kids in the car and off I go. I've been in the car for maybe 10 minutes when Ethan decides he has to go to the bathroom, so of course we stop, whiz and go. By the time we get to New Braunfels about a 30 minute drive all hell has broken loose, its 15 miles an hour in Austin, 10 miles an hour in Temple and the only time I actually wasn't rained on, the last 15 minutes home.

I never figured I would ever use the weather band in my car, but I now am actually kind of excited I have it. Can you say weirdo? I think I just took another step towards old age. I mean I worry about the weather - oh no, I've turned into my Grandma Velma.

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