Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm going mental.

I'm a quiet small gathering kind of person, unless I've had a few cocktails and then I'm a center of attention kind of girl. I should be packing for my trip tomorrow, instead I'm freaking out a little. I have to drive 5 hours with two big monsters tomorrow, deal with way too much family at one time. Most of whom, are very my way kind of people. I'm a people pleaser - more of whatever you want honey instead of lets go____. I'm also freaking out because I can feel my husband plotting to purchase a core XBox 360 to replace the one that will be getting fixed, instead of waiting for the fixing. The wallet in me is not happy.

AGH!!!!!!! I need a pedicure and will have to do it myself this evening, I didn't get it done earlier in the day. I need a bath, I need clothes that don't make me feel fat, I need perkier boobs - but hey, who doesn't need that?

Ok, hmmm. Freak out is passing I think. Maybe I can actually focus and do what I need to. Nah, false alarm.

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