Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mac or PC?

I'm seriously considering buying a Mac. I love my PC, I've always been a PC fan, but it seems for what I do in my personal life on the computer I need a Mac; for what I do in my professional life I need PC.

My husband wants a Mac just for the reason that there would be less crap around our desk. He can also get a bigger screen and well, basically something new. He's very into new. I on the other hand am very into not spending money, because if I spend money then I won't have it later if something better comes along.

Did I just say that? I know I make absolutely no sense, its like I'm the anti-woman. I don't like to spend money or shop. Maybe I just worked retail too long. Whatever it is I am really mulling over this decision, mainly because deep down I know this computer needs to be replaced and I want a Mac too. They look all cool and contemporary and I'm rebelling against my traditional roots and heading toward being a hippy contemporary loving fool.

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