Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm a big fatty!!!

So today was measurement day at Curves. It did not go as well as planned. I first have to say that I am on the bulletin board for last month 6th best at total pounds and inches lost. This time I won't come close.

I have lost in my bust, waist & thighs, but gained in my abdomen & hips - everywhere else I stayed the same. I have gained in body fat % and gained a total of 3 lbs. I feel like I am doomed to live a live of a middle aged fat chick and I don't particularly care for that. I have started walking on Saturday & Sunday, because due to my work schedule I am not able to go to Curves on the weekends. I have even changed my diet by dumping the white stuff and going to whole grains and less processed foods.

I would love to have a trainer who can't put his arms down all the way and speaks with such a thick accent that I can't understand him, but I'm too cheap to pay for one and could never justify the cost to myself. Its very hard to stay upbeat about being a big girl. You get treated differently when you go into stores (I don't care what people say - you do). Men don't turn their heads to look anymore; and the news is constantly talking about what an epidemic obesity is. I guess now I'm an epidemic. I wish there was more encouragement to be healthier than harping about everyone being fat. If I went back in time, some Renaissance painter would want to paint me nude, but in the 21st century a size 14 is just plain fat (although men, that's the size Marilyn Monroe wore) I think I'll go eat a package of Oreo cookies, followed by a milk shake and a cheesecake for dessert.

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