Monday, January 7, 2008

Where is my bookmark?

I love to read.  LOVE IT.  Really, I'm totally obsessed with the written word.  I have decided to make a list of the books I've read this year - mind you I will leave off the totally trashy romance, that I will never admit I read, but everything else you will find on a list on my blog.

I love all genres, I love romance, historical romance, thriller, mysteries, anything that gets into a killer's brain.  

Some of my favorite authors are:  Janet Evanovich, Jeffrey Deaver, Michael Connoly, Lee Child, Clive Cussler, Minette Walters, Mary Willis Walker, William Diehl & Rick Riordan.  


Anonymous said...

I too love Janet Evanovich!
Have you tried Deen Koontz? Way good.
I also adore the historical romances of Jennifer Wilde (who I later found out was really a man and is dead now - but I still re-read them!!)

Tall Gurl in Utah said...

I absolutly love to read also, here are a few of my favorite authors: Greg Isle (writes like John Grisham), John Grisham, ken Follet, Stephen Hunter, and Erika Spindler.

Dijea said...

OMG, I love Greg Isle, I just didn't list him. I could list all night long my authors. I also love David Morrill. And a ton more.