Sunday, January 13, 2008

Ugh! I'm sick!

The Karma Police finally found me and guess what? I'm sick. Yes, the dreaded sinus infection with loss of voice and will to do anything other than lounge in my bed and feel sorry for myself. Unfortunately, I am unable to leave my co-worker that is still in-training alone in the office by herself. It would be completely useless for her to be at the office and not know what to do. So being the martyr that I am, I actually came in an hour and a half early (we are that busy) to get some stuff accomplished so that I will not be breathing disease all over her and can work from a decent distance and not feel like I have to delegate her to making copies and running back and forth for me. She has to do it to learn it. She's a pretty quick study, however our office is quite the insane asylum.

By the way, I kind of sound like Kathleen Turner as Jessica Rabbit right now.

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The Unstable Blogger said...

oy...hope you feel better!!! :)

hey, i left you a 'msg' with your comment on my blog under the 'so its friday..BFD' post.. ok?

have a good one! :)