Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Note to Husband

Dear Husband:

I know that sometimes you read this blog and see stuff that is written about you.  Everything I write is totally in humor.  I do not think you are vile, annoying (well most of the time - H-A!, H-A!), or a big giant pain in the a**.  Most of what I write tends to be from my point of view is sarcastically hilarious or maybe hilariously sarcastic, I'm not sure.  It is not a personal attack.  

I love and respect you.  I need you all the time - even when you burp songs about corn & chicken, but not necessarily in the same song.   And I thank the Lord everyday that my children have the most awesome Daddy in the world.  I really do.  

Everyone who reads this blog knows that, and if they have husbands they say the same thing about theirs - and usually they mean it in the humorous funny bonding way that women have.  I promise.  Girls, back me up on this.


Anonymous said...

Dear Husband of Dijea,

100% of what your wonderful adoring wife just said is the Honest To God Truth!!


Bunny Bunster

Tall Gurl in Utah said...

For sure Girl!! We love our husbands more then anything but if we can't be the sarcastically wonderful women we are then who are we? We must find our own twisted humor in the men in our lives, Especially the ones we love.

Miriam D said...

I'm backing you up on this one! Blogs are just a place for the authors to vent. Besides, she definitely loves you A LOT. You've got my support on this one!

Michelle said...

i don't have a husband but i used to write about the ex i lived with. it was all in fun! :)

The Unstable Blogger said...

Dear Lucky Hub of Dijea,

We bitch about our male partners because we love you. The ones you love are the ones capable of irritating you the most :) <-- I promise that's a compliment. LOL

Anyway, you are a lucky, lucky hub to have a kick ass wife like Dijea and we all swear that she is telling the full and honest truth. And hey, we all need a place to vent and she does it in such a beautifully sarcastic way. That stuff is too good to not share.

I'm sure you agree. :)

UB over and out!

HeatherN3Boys said...

She's totally honest. Besides, if we stopped bitching, you men would think we were dead or inflatable, right? ;-)

- H