Thursday, January 17, 2008

I have officially lost to my child.

I am a total wimp. Yes, that's right a wimp.  

My 6 year old has an expander that is new to his mouth.  He is whimpering that he can't eat anything, however he somehow managed to eat an Oreo yesterday, but refused to eat his dinner.  I AM NOT GOING TO LET HIM WIN! I AM NOT! Of course, my husband the big giant wimp, will let him get away with it, and because I am sweet on the big lug, I will turn a blind eye.


E is the poster child for picky eaters, but I am the bigger person (literally) and the parent, I must take control.  M U S T  t a k e  c o n t r o l ....................


Tall Gurl in Utah said...

Your right you don't suck, i was kidding. Thank you for thinking of me!!
Hope your having a good one!!

HeatherN3Boys said...

Good luck with that. What about yogurt and fruit smoothies? Sweetness but still goodness? I don't know how expanders work with suction, but if you can compromise with something like that, it's a win-win and no one has to be a whimp! :-)