Wednesday, January 2, 2008

So far I have accomplished nothing but laundry.

Well so far in the new year I have done nothing for myself and I haven't increased my amorous activity.  Now granted I would be pressed to outdo myself from last year in January, but a girl can dream.

I have however almost completed the task of all laundry washed & dried.  Now folded and put away is another story.  Slowly but surely I will get every closet and drawer cleaned out, but I don't have to get it all accomplished today.  I also and 2% farther on Lego Star Wars: TCS.  I really got to finish that so I can pay attention to my children more.

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HeatherN3Boys said...

Is the Star Wars gam 2-players? Would playing with them count as quality time? LOL

I can wash and dry all day, but folding and putting away is not my strong suit either. If I could hang every garment I own, I would. Even when DH folds it, I am sooo horrible about putting it away. Wouldn't blame him if he finally kicked my ass for it one day. LOL