Friday, April 4, 2008

Unwanted excitement.

Yesterday afternoon the sun came out and trying to lure the children outside, I laid down on the trampoline with my book and my phone (I was expecting a phone call.).  All three cats came up and joined me.  Mason came home and the kids came out to inform me that they were going to go with our next door neighbor and walk her dogs in 15 minutes.  All is well, right - WRONG.  
About 10 minutes later I hear a huge crash next door.  My first instinct is to scream "Is everything OK?"  But my heart said run, which is what I did.  You know those lovely nets that are suppose to keep kids from hurting themselves - they do not make it easy for you to get off in a hurry.  By the time I had exited the prison that was the trampoline, I got to the backdoor in time to hear a blood curtling scream.  I was thru the house and out the front door faster than you can say "whoa" and almost at Cici's door when out she comes holding a very bloody Hunter.  He had shattered her sliding glass door with his head.

Mason & I took the screaming child inside and tried to clean him up, but as I wiped his head the towel came back with bits of glass and not having decent vision decided the only course of action was the ER.  I was halfway there when the doctors service finally answered the phone.  The pre-authorized the visit - for insurance purposes - and I was in the ER a noticably calmer child because we had been doing breathing exercises in the car.  Am I inventive or what?  I filled out the paperwork and without even getting comfortable in the waiting room chair - if that's even possible - we were called in.  

The triage nurse was very good with Hunter and said he had the lowest pulse of any child he had seen with any injury - see breathing exercises work, I'm not a total loon.  After a quick once over we were back in the waiting room.  This time I was just getting back into a chair when we were once again called.  Is this ER the best or what?  After a PA, a doctor, a nurse and two X-Ray tech and X-Ray's we were told he was the luckiest child in the world.  NO STITCHES.  My son broke a glass door and shattered it and he required no stitches.  We were home in under 2 hours.  I LOVE MEDICAL CITY ER!  

My husband has ordered me to remove the sliding glass door in our house.  I am awaiting a call back as we speak.  

If you want to see the picture of him after he was cleaned up click here.


HeatherN3Boys said...

Did he head butt the door? Run into full speed because he didn't realize it was there or was closed? Lucky indeed! I am taking bets on which of my two boys will be the frequent flier at the ER. Have you noticed one child is more accident prone than the other, or do you think boys, in general, just seem to attract blood, gore, and injuries? LOL

Jay said...

Oh my, what an accident! I'm glad he's okay. I also love that you are so good with your praise. People often complain when things go wrong, so it's refreshing to hear you take the time to show your appreciation for good service. Three cheers for no stitches!

Smirking Cat said...

I was wondering the same thing, what he was doing when he broke the door with his head. My 6 year old stepson managed to shatter the glass on the coffee table by dancing, so I know they are capable of amazing feats. Mind you, the table top was not glass; it was protective glass over the wooden table top that the glass company swore couldn't be broken. I want to send them the shards in a big envelope and a note that says "My 6 year old says OH YEAH?"