Tuesday, April 15, 2008

And I'm out-of-here, almost

So I wake up this morning feeling like I sucked on a blow torch.  I do manage to get in-touch of my doctor and he fits me in.  Thank you Dr. P.  I get an antibiotic shot and a Z-pack.  My backside is killing me from the shot though.

I'm packed!  The suitcase is only 40 lbs.  Yea!  So I'm 10 lbs under the limit - although when I lift it it feels more like 60.  I've got a very small carry on and a huge tote/purse.  I should be good.  I also have 7 GB of memory cards so expect pictures.  What you don't see here will show up on my photo blog by the end of the month.  Maybe even while I'm there if I can swing a computer somewhere.  

I am watching my beloved STARS and they are not having the best of evenings.  My husband is at the game, my parents are in my kids beds and my kids are in mine.  I'm about to crawl in there with them.  Pray for a safe trip for me and I'm looking forward to sharing when I get home, so get ready.