Sunday, April 27, 2008

Traveling & Day1: In need of a shower.

This should really be titled DELAYED.    We were delayed  1.5 hours in Dallas, then 3 hours in LA & 1 hour in Auckland.  Our flight from LA to Auckland included a call for a doctor only about 200 miles into the flight. We all turned and looked at each other and groaned and just knew that we would be turning around and heading back for LA.  Our 9 o'clock flight had already been delayed 3 hours and we actually took off at 12:30 LA time so not one was really excited to hear this over the intercom.  

Apparently some lady up front had a suitcase fall on her from the overhead bin.   A doctor from the "cheap seats" went up front and was then rewarded with business class seats.  We (my mom) quickly claimed the seats and my mom, sister and I were all lucky enough to have grabbed 3 seats a piece for the flight over so there was a little sleep gotten by all.

We made a new New Zealand friend in the airport.  He helped us tremendously getting thru the Auckland airport to get to our Wellington Flight.  Thank you Des!   

I've never needed a shower more than after all that airport and airplane.  We managed to hang around and stay up until our bedtime.  What an incredible view from the front deck at Susan's (our Aunt) deck.  Also the view our bedroom.  The big surprise of the day came from Amy, my cousin Brice's wife.  She delivered her second child while we were in the air.  Although I feel like "Auntie Dijea", I am only a second cousin to cute little Pippa.  Here's a little shot of Susan and her first grand-daughter.

Don't forget to check out my photo blog, there will be tons of New Zealand photos popping up there.

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