Thursday, April 10, 2008


"Perfection" that is what Razor said about your game.  After 4 goals by the Dallas Stars I turned to my husband:

Me:  I want Marty to get a ......

HIM:  No don't say it you'll jinx it.

So I didn't say it and I didn't jinx it and you got your shut out.  This is why I named my cat after you.  I'm sure you are thrilled to hear that - aren't you Marty? 

You'll never read this blog and never know about my cat Turco, but I am devoted.  Really I am.  I am also a big giant nerd, but that is another story.  



Smirking Cat said...

Hey, you never know how many NHL stars read your blog! Don't shatter my bubble! I like to think the entire Lightning team reads daily to find out what I say about them. It's usually not nice though...oh well, they should play better then!

Dijea said...

I wish Marty read this. I would love it.