Tuesday, April 29, 2008

3-0 Baby!

This is the first Stars goal - Zubov, nice job - notice the photography skills.  The puck is still in the air in the net.  I AM SO GOOD!  I also enjoyed some i-friend texting during the game with fellow STARS FAN, the Unstable Blogger.   

I won't say it, but I might take a broom to the game tomorrow.  GO STARS!


Anonymous said...

great pic!

The Unstable Blogger said...

yes, I enjoyed our i-friend texting as well! :)


The zebras sucked in game 4. What hideous officiating.

VERY cool that you got to go to the games!!! :)

Smirking Cat said...

I haven't been able to see any of the games, but I've been following the scores! I'm excited to see the Stars leading.