Friday, September 28, 2007

My mind will slowly turn to mush this season.

Thank G for DVR's because without them I could not watch TV and pay any attention to my two lovely children. (Did I Say lovely? What was I thinking?)

Over the past few days I have watched a little, still have a little to review but I will say this -enjoyed Private Practice. I like Addison's character & the people that surround her on the show. Its a little more mature than Grey's Anatomy & I find that refreshing.

I'm going to love Dirty Sexy Money: 1) because I LOVE Peter Krause, 2) The reverend is going to make the show, 3) and I'm going to love the whole Baldwin brother playing a character in love/lust with a tranny hooker. I'm looking forward to that one.

Grey's Anatomy was good, but my least favorite person on the show is Meredith. She's sooo screwed up and I hate women who are "wounded". Men can be wounded, we as women want to fix that - or make them feel better, but I don't like to watch weak women. I'm a little sad for Callie & George. It's not like I didn't expect it to happen, but boy did Izzie go from missing Denny to in love with George fast. I wish Denny didn't die, there is a man who I'd like to see every week.

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