Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Lazy Bloggers in the family

Our family has a lot of bloggers in the family. My mother, my sister, my cousins Brice & Evan, but no one seems to update their blogs but me. Why is this? They are lazy. I used to be the one everyone called a procrastinator, but come on Brice, your blog hasn't been updated since July and you've left your island home on New Zealand and come back to Texas - and you are expecting a new kid. How can we revel in your joy if you don't post it? That may seem a little harsh, but I would rather jump for joy for you than have my mother comment on my lack of photography skills when showing my children's injuries on my blog.

Give me some blog entries you crazy members of my family. I need something new to read!!!

I love you guys! You're awesome! :)

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Hen Clicks said...

So, you think one should be blogging for the sake of blogging...whether there is something to say or not? Ok, prepare for nonsense.