Sunday, November 8, 2009

To retaliate or not to retaliate

Remember Friday's blog: Bah Humbug. I think I can actually speak about the atrocities that occurred. I think, I'm not sure. We all know that I am not getting any younger. I wouldn't exactly call me ancient, but I'm no spring chicken. I still listen to "hip" music. New Music. I'm not like some my age who can't get out of their youth in the 80's. My true love is the Foo Fighters, and I'm trying to like Them Crooked Vulture. I love People in Planes, Muse, Flyleaf, Chevelle. I like me some music. I can still stay up late - yes, it might be because of the insomnia, but lets not go there.

Well, an agent in my office - you know the one I don't work in anymore - came up to me and told me she liked the grey streaks in my hair.


I nicely laughed and said they are there because I'm too cheap to color my hair. But I DO NOT have grey streaks. Yes, I have a few grey hairs. I have children for Christ's sake. Two, three if you include my husband, and I have earned these grey hairs. But seriously, who compliments another woman by saying how much they like their grey streaks? I should have slapped her or told her how much I liked the rolls around her ankles or maybe how much the age spots brought out the brown in her eyes.

The funny thing about this - she has a good 20 years on me. Does this mean I need to color my hair?


phairhead said...

if yr contemplating it, perhaps it's time for a change

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Loreal Preference #8a

I'm just saying.

Dijea said...

Mindy - if only I had the confidence to dye my own hair, I would be H-O-T. But knowing my luck, I would burn it all off in what would become known as the incredible balding accident of 2009.