Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Husband strikes again.

My husband has been home for 3 days. He's going to be home another 3 days. I'm going INSANE. Insane I say. Its not so much that he's home, but he could be doing a million things. The garage seriously needs to be cleaned out. The backyard is in need of some work. I could so use his muscle on the planter boxes that need to be torn down.

DO I GET HELP? NO! What does he do, play pinball on Xbox 360 all day. In his defense he did clean up the glass from when the window got broken by the soccer ball today. He took the wheel of my bike and got it fixed, but he can't get the wheel back on. I wonder if I tell him I won't cook the bacon & onion sausage until he gets my wheel back on will motivate him. HMM, we all know his feelings about bacon.

He also cleaned off the top of his dresser. What kills me, he just threw everything in a garbage bag. I could have done that, faster and without the look what I did speech. I also had to go into that garbage bag to get all the stuff (including H2's asthma spray) that shouldn't have been thrown away.

We all know that I suck as a housewife. I wish that I had some June Cleaver in me. Its a rare day that I actually can channel my inner June, but occasionally I can do it. He however needs to take a class to get to Homer Simpson. (Bbased on a true story.) Thank God he can make me laugh. Otherwise.......

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phairhead said...

ah sweet domestic bliss :D