Monday, November 2, 2009

Day Two: NaBloPoMo

For those of you not paying attention it is NATIONAL BLOG POSTING MONTH. Today is day two and much like the number my day has been all about seconds. Its like everything looks like its going to be great and it turns out to be not quite great but almost great. For example: Today was an amazing day. Perfect weather. Sunny 75 degrees. I worked a little, always like to be productive and bring home a little cash. Came home, ate a rather boring lunch - I thought it was going to be okay, but it turned out to be really unappealing.

Then I went out to take pictures because I'm also participating in Project 365. The premise is you take a photo(s) a day, read a page in your camera manual and look at an image every day of the year and you improve your photography. See my incredible fabulous photos here. I ran out - around the lake - took the every popular picture of my favorite foot bridge - then popped into the car to the bath house and bam did I hit the mother load - perfect shot of downtown over the lake - a ton of geese and 7 pelicans. I also brought my BIG LENS. Its a 1000 mm mirror lens my dad got back in the 70's. It fits my Nikon and shazam is a 1500 mm lens on the digital. Guess what haze. Everything was a hazy and with the big lens I couldn't get all of downtown. Can you believe it? I only got 3 buildings. I also went got some pictures of the pelicans, but I had the polarizing filter on and it just didn't work out right. I'm hard pressed to find what I want out of today's shots.

So I picked up the kids, my adorable little things mocked me at every turn. Do you homework was answered with, but Mom its nice outside. Don't you want us to spend time outdoors. Soon it won't be nice enough for us to get out of your hair. 1) WHAT? I mean seriously they are 6 & 8 where do they get this stuff? 2) Out of my hair is not a bad thing. Anyway soccer practice was cold and I was wearing flip flops. I ended up grabbing a pizza for dinner which blows the diet and when I had to go to Target for double sided tape for the PTA program entry I grabbed a bottle of wine, because well, its just been that kind of day.

This month better turn around soon, because between the Halloween candy and the pizza I may be in fat camp by December.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Let's go to fat camp together!

phairhead said...

dijea, as a woman who has struggled w/ her weight her whole life, i can absolutely say. eating a pizza won't condemn you to a lifetime of sit-ups. one day at a time. just like alcoholics :D