Saturday, November 14, 2009

The good, the bad and the tired.

I had the most awesome afternoon, after a morning of sucking. The husband left at about 1:30 to go to the hospital because his mother who had been in ICU for the past week was being intubated. He got home at 4 and got up at 8 so he could take E to his soccer game. Bless his heart. I got the soccer party at 11:30. After that I came home and me and the two boys piled our bikes on the car and drove over to the lake.

9 miles around the lake without too much trouble. We had to stop a few time for water and just to rest and one final time for instructions on riding down the hill along side Garland Road. But they did beautifully, had a great time and got a little exercise. Hopefully we won't have trouble going to sleep tonight. It might not have been the smartest thing to do when you have bronchitis, but my body felt good getting the exercise - even if I can't breathe very well - and the weather was perfect. It was worth it because I had the best time with the boys.

On the mother-in-law front, we've just learned that she's had a heart attack this afternoon and is only using 35% of her heart - prayers are greatly appreciated. Her name is Betsy if you would like to personalize it - they are greatly appreciated.


Julie said...

Both my in-laws had heart surgery in the past couple years and both were amazed at how much better they felt afterward. Using less and less of their heart happened so gradually that they never noticed how bad they were feeling. So here's hoping that since they know what is going on with your MIL that she will soon be healed and will feel even better than before.

phairhead said...

my thoughts are w/ you and yr husband