Monday, November 16, 2009

62 Stitches

George took 62 stitches after an argument between the boys. I'm not a trained surgeon, but I did the best that I could. I think he's going to survive. He now has a few "stuffing" underarm hairs and he probably won't have full range of motion in that arm, but as it was an almost 3/4 amputation, so I think it all worked out the best it could.


Better with a Bow said...

I love reading your blog. I feel like you let me into your life and I appreciate it.

Smirking Cat said...

Great job, doctor! I think the patient will pull through. My teddy bear suffered stitches, an eye replacement surgery, and other procedures in his day, and he is still around to tell about it.

Judy said...

I'm pretty impressed that you own a needle and thread. I never knew you could do such a thing. Congratulations.

phairhead said...


i loves me some Curious George