Thursday, June 12, 2008

Girls Night, Sleepovers and No Breakfast

Girls Night - scratch that Mom's Night Out was last night.  Had a ball as usual.  I left The Husband home with the oldest and two of his friends - heh!heh!heh!  and went out for margaritas with the girls.  I am a devious monster, but that's why everyone loves me.  

I came home to three boys still up -  did you expect anything else?  My husband playing Rock Band and me with 4 loads of laundry to fold and clear off the bed before I could crawl my little body into it.

I wake up with nothing for breakfast, 1. because I didn't make it to the grocery store before heading home last night (Central Market was already closed) and 2. because when my husband went to go get donuts for the boys, he didn't get enough for me.  I'm not sure if that was to save me from my ever expanding backside, or he just didn't think.  Either way I half hate him and half worship him for doing it.  I now have - whoo hoo - more laundry.  Sheets and stuff.  Love me some sleepovers.  Groceries to get.  Whoo-hoo - love me some shopping.  And probably something else, I just haven't had enough coffee to figure it out yet.

I'm feeling a lot of stuff in my brain today - so I could be back if after 2 more hours of 7 year olds I have anything creative left in me to say.


The Unstable Blogger said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! I am so jealous. I was at home dusting, folding laundry and playing servant to a sick 9yo drama queen :)

Hope you drank a margarita for me! :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I love Austin because of Central Market.

I have NOTHING like that within 8 hours away from me....for reals.

Bunny Bunster said...

Grocery shopping while hungry is way too dangerous for me!!