Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where did this come from?

To prove that I am complete insane and 100% too hyper for my own good.  This is what I completed before lunch today.  

  1. A complete clean out of my childrens' room.
  2. A complete re-design of my childrens' room.
  3. Sweeping & Polishing hardwood floors, baseboard & window seals in kids room.
  4. Organizing their closet.
  5. Completed reading a book. 
  6. Made my bed. (It makes my list look longer)
I should rest, but I think I'll clean something else out while I'm on a roll.  


Bunny Bunster said...

You can always come on over to my Indiana!

Abby said...

Maybe you are pregnant and kidding !

The Swandive said...

I would kill for 1/3 of your energy. I adore you, and secretly am so jealous I could die.

HeatherN3Boys said...

WOOT! You friggin' rock!!!

So... You're coming over to help me finish priming the play room, right? RIGHT?! 'Cause I suck at life and it still isn't done. :-(