Sunday, June 15, 2008

Road Trip Baby!

Tomorrow I am off with the kids to see their grandma, pa-pa & big grandma (that's their great grandma).  I'm soooooo looking forward to the almost 5 hour road trip.  WHOO HOO!  5 hours in the car with two very loud children.

I do have a reward at the end of the road though.  MEXICAN FOOD.  Real honest to goodness Mexican food.  Not that supposed stuff we have here, but real HOT salsa, clog your arteries lard filled dishes that just make my left arm tingle.  Breakfast tacos.  Oh & FREE babysitting under the guise of spending time with grandma & pa-pa.  Oh and I get to visit my parents & grandparents.  They are the reason I'm going.  But the Mexican Food is like icing on the cake.  

Seriously, Mom & Dad its all for you, but can we have fajitas for dinner Monday? 


The Unstable Blogger said...

WOO HOO! Ya'll have fun! :)

nicoleantoinette said...

I love fajitas. And road trips. But maybe not road trips with kids...