Sunday, January 25, 2009

I have survived this weekend - so far.

Well, I have so far survived the over-scheduled weekend.  We had a sleepover on Friday night as E turned 8.  I can't believe I have an 8 year old.  Saturday we had pictures for E's basketball team - although I took the pictures.  I am not a portrait photographer.  NOT AT ALL.  Candid party shots - yes.  I rock at nature.  Taking pictures of squirming 8 year olds is not an easy task.  So I feel I failed at that.

H2 had a birthday party Saturday afternoon.  Survived.  And then The Husband and I had a couples baby shower Saturday night.  I took some fun candid shots of that.  In fact I took almost a hundred.  Scary!  I came home from the shower to find H2 snoring like 90 year old man.  He tends to get colds and suffers from allergies.  We are now fighting the snots with vitamin C, steamy showers, ENTSOL and whatever else I can come up with.  Nose spray before bed tonight that's for sure.  He also gets to watch movies all day - to keep him quiet and let me tell you he is not complaining.  It also got me out of the Sunday birthday party for one of E's classmates.  Daddy has that duty.  

I went to the grocery store quite quickly today, but got lots of fruits, some OJ and lunch supplies for the week.  Oh, and fresh sausages from Central Market.  Are you ready?  Bacon & Onion pork sausages.  MMMM.  I hope the doctor doesn't check my cholesterol on Tuesday.  I have an appointment because well, my back hurts.  After nothing being found on an MRI I had Thursday (thank you Husband),  I am going to my GP to see if he can figure out why my back is killing me.  Its been bothering me for about 3 months now.  It was just an annoyance until about 3 weeks ago, now sitting is excruciating and when I first get up and start moving.  It feels better once I get going but as soon as I sit or just stand still. UGH!   I can only lay flat on my back too.  Not exactly my favorite, but I'll survive.  Wish me luck - and a diagnosis.  Not some crappy "guess" a serious diagnosis and a fix.  Not meds - we all know I don't do good with pills (except Xanax).  

Off to do laundry so we have clean underwear & socks.  Oh, and I'm down 4 lbs since January 1st.  YEA!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Yeah for losing the pounds!

The Chiropractor is working wonders for me.

Abby said...

Way to go on losing the pounds, I have lost 2 so far. I need to lose about 30 hate the sniffles and now I have them. I stayed healthy through everyone else being sick and now that everyone is better I am sick. GO FIGURE! You did have a very busy weekend. I hope your week goes well. Good Luck with your back, have you tried a chiropractor? Sometimes insurance will even pay if your doctor writes a prescription.