Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OMG, I got an award and from Royalty.

So, Mindy - the ever fabulous Princess of Everything, gave me an award.  ME.  Can you believe it?  I feel like Scarlett saying "Little ole me."  Of course I don't have any ringlets - thanks to my flat iron, and no hoop skirts THANK THE LORD.  But I could look good in curtains.

Anywho, She awarded me with something so special you can't buy it - what is it you ask?  The gift of Friendship.  Its pretty much up there with sliced bread.  My job, is to award 8 people with the same award (I chose to make my own rules - I have 9).  Well now let me think...  

These women are all my friends.  Yes friends - even if they haven't sat in my living room.  Oh and in no particular order....

  1. The Unstable Blogger.  Yes, she is so my friend.  Probably separated a birth because we suffer from some of the same problems - different causes, but same crap.  She makes me laugh, makes me look at men with masks in a whole different light.  One day we will actually meet as we live close enough.  She does have my cell phone number, we tweet and is listed on Facebook as my friend too.  But I can't tell you which one she is, I am sworn to secrecy.
  2. Nicole.  She is me 15 years ago and now all at the same time.  She's awesome, throws out an inspiring quote here and there.  Is way overachieving - but its one of the reason I love reading her blog.  
  3. Rach.  OK, finally someone else understands my Skewed View (He! He! He!).  Oh, and she's got an obsession with cemeteries (while mine is more dead people) but its all connected.  Oh and she paints and takes pictures and has been delving into the world of poetry.  I can hang with all of that, except the painting.  Why you ask? I can't draw a stick man that's why.  I would have to be more abstract like Jackson Pollock.  
  4. Abby.  Sweet, sweet Abby.  She thinks I'm funny which sometimes concerns me.  Most people don't get my humor, but she does and she's way to sweet to understand my jaded warped world.  But she does and I LOVE HER!  Yes, I do.  
  5. The Smirking Cat.  She is wise beyond her years and one hell of a step-mom.  Smart too.
  6. Random Chick.  You rock my world.  You can make me laugh over dead boiled chicken heads like no one else can.  And although you are only a recent discovery in my blogging world you will not be fleeting.
  7. Krista - my first Internet blogging connection. Seriously ladies my first.  I was a blog friend virgin until Krista.  But I've found some fabulous music thanks to her, read a few good books, donated to a good cause and enjoyed some late night lost marathons.  Oh and did I tell you she loves cats.  CATS.  She's just plain awesome and one of the best writers.  
  8. Bunny Bunster. Best word associations ever (and its time for a new one isn't it?) - oh and she loves shoes and she makes grape jelly.  And so much more.  
  9. Princess Mindy.  I don't know if I'm allowed to award you back, but its my blog and I'll do it if I want to.  She's fabulous and crafty and I'm going to steal her dog one day.  I am.  Yes, you are l#9, but I was just saving the best for last - you befriended me first after all  But friends - she's not on my Facebook.  Maybe she just forgot.   



Anonymous said...

Aw! You're such a sweetpea! :)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

OMG! You have facebook? Why has no one ever told me?!?!?!?!? **hugs**

Love your list...I am going to go over and check out the bloggers that I do not know.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I am honored!!

Anonymous said...

How do I get the blog names underlined and made into a clickable link like you did?


Smirking Cat said...

Hey, thanks!

Have you ever read a book called "Stiff" by Mary Roach? (Did I already ask you this?) Anyway...you mentioned cemetaries/dead people, and this book is funny, smart, educational, and fascinating.

nicoleantoinette said...

You're so sweet. I'm flattered to be considered the "you" of 15 years ago :)

Abby said...

I feel honored to be in such good company. Thanks for the gift of friendship and right back at you! I love reading your posts, they really do crack me up! My mother and law has a sick and twisted sense of humor so maybe I am well trained at understanding it!

The Unstable Blogger said...

awww I had no idea you did this. Thank you. I totally consider you a friend just as much as anyone I've known in the flesh for years! One of these days we'll get around to the whole meet in person thing but that doesnt change anything. I am honored to be on your list.

omg that whole Facebook thing is a trip, eh? lol

ahhh men in masks...u know it! ;-)

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Please DO apply! I would be so happy for you to get it! Isn't it the coolest blog?