Monday, February 4, 2008

Sick Child

On the way from picking up one child and getting the second from school today, little Hunter informs me he has a stomach ache.  This usually means I want a coke.

He whines the whole way home and I talk him into a warm bath to try to make him feel better.  I also brought him a little Dr. Pepper.  5 minutes out of the bath - he pukes.  YUCK!  At least he was in the bathroom.  I left him comfy on the sofa with his video game thingy and go outside to help the Husband clean out the garage - I look up and Hunter is at the backdoor.  Instead of going to the bathroom, he came looking for me when he needed to be sick.  All over the hall, the entry, and twice on the carpet in the den.

I hate throw-up.  HATE IT.  EEWWW!!  Nasty.  Etc. Etc.  I got him to eat charcoal toast (works every time I swear!) He is now asleep on the sofa.  Lets hope it holds. 


Anonymous said...

I don't "do" puke. Husband knows this. If Sonny Boy pukes, I puke. Luckily SB is not a puker.

HeatherN3Boys said...

I had to work on my "if you puke, I puke," reflex when I became a doula. It's still a bit touchy, but I managed to hold it the past 2 births, so we're good. I hate puke... *shudder* Hope he gets over it quickly!!