Friday, February 15, 2008

I can't make a decision by myself.

I'm going to New Zealand in April.  I'm  not exactly sure how I'm going to manage that long traveling.  It will take about 21 hours to get where I am going and the longest actual flight is 13 hours.  13 hours in a plane over the ocean.  Personally, I don't think they have enough Xanax for me to make it without a panic attack, but I've notified the manufacturer and hopefully it will be in by April.  

Ha! Ha!

Seriously - Here is my dilemma.  I always have a dilemma don't you know.  I have two digital cameras.  One is a nice little Cannon Power Shot - its great for snapshots, but not those over-the-top photos you hope to get.  The other is a Nikon Coolpix - its a little older but when I bought it, it was 1 step under the digital SLR.  It has a lot of options not available in the point and shoot.  Unfortunately both are rechargeable batteries.  If I buy an extra battery - which one do I get it for?  I'm torn.  The Nikon is heavy and I won't want to carry it all the time, but it will take really awesome landscapes and when your hiking or on the ferry I guess that's the camera I should have.  Suggestions?

My mother, sister and I are off to visit family over there.  I have an aunt and 3 cousins and 1 1/2 second cousins.  the 1/2 is not born yet it will arrive around the time we get there.  OOOHHH!  Baby alert.  I love newborns.  They are all wrinkly and bald.  Bald babies are the cutest - its a fact.  

Back to the camera - I always seem to lose my train of thought in some random tangent.  My other option is to buy another camera that uses disposable batteries.  I just don't know.



SpookyRach said...

New Zealand? Go for the Nikon battery. You'd kick yourself for missing a fantatic scenery shot there! I'll be glad to go and carry the camera for you! Feel free to book my tickets now! ha ha!

ashley said...

I vote for the Nikon Coolpix! You could think of it this way--how many times will you get to go to New Zealand? Also, even though lighter is convenient, is it really that much of a bother to carry something that weights a bit more and that will take much better pictures?

On another note, thank you for your prayers. We appreciate them very much!! :)