Friday, February 22, 2008

I thought this day would never end.

I started on the run this morning with two kids to feed & make lunches.  Three cats to feed - one so new to the family that it has to be separated from the rest.  I dropped off two kids and two different schools (Isn't that special!)  As soon as I dropped the last one of at 9 - off I was to work for almost 5 hours - remember I usually only work weekends.  This week I'm working Wednesday to Wednesday - yes 7 days straight.  Work was probably the easiest part of my day.  I really like my job, I enjoy the people I work with - A LOT.  Not that we don't all have our moments, but I can honestly say I wish I saw them more.  

Anyway - I left work at 2 and then I'm off to two carpools.  Got home at 3:30 then finally got a little snack as I didn't get lunch.  Cleaned the kitchen - got the kids fed.  Cleaned out the pantry.  I had a total OCD moment.  Then cleaned the kitchen swept, mopped and packed up the rest of the china to pass to my brother-in-law & his wife.  

But the Pantry is now organized.  There is something to be said about that.

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ashley said...

Wow--it sounds like you had an incredibly long day and week! :) It sounds like it was productive though!

Thanks again for your prayers for Josh. He is not feeling much better, in fact he is feeling worse from what he tells me. I put him to bed about an hour ago and he doesn't have to get up tomorrow morning at really, any specific time, so I hope he will just sleep and sleep. I hope tomorrow he will wake up as a new person...or at least that would be ideal! :)

Tell Peggy I said hi. I think about you guys a lot. It still feels awkward not coming to work on weekends.

Talk with you soon!