Saturday, January 2, 2010

Jeez, this year was suppose to be better.

Wow, who knew last night's NYE post was #500.  HMMM...

On a side note, this has been one hell of a past few hours.  The husband is on call - his phone won't receive or make calls.  Its 10 pm - no place is open.  Its New Years Day - no technical support.  January 1, 2010 - FAIL!!

Thank you-know-who there was still a glass of wine in the bottle.  I'm going to attempt sleep now.  Who wants to bet insomnia is going to win tonight?


Katherine said...

Things that happen on the first day are not necessarily portents! All the best for 2010 Dijea. Hope you slept well. Eventually.

phairhead said...

awwww turn that frown upside down :D

Mayor of Jackieville said...

Insomnia is a dirty whore. I dont much like her...not at all. Let's kick her a$$ :)

(Gosh can ya tell I haven't been sleeping much either??? LOL)

2010 will be better, I promise!!

Btw...1/29 (it is a Friday) what are you doing? If your book is clear, you now have plans. I'll be in N Dallas til around 7pm to take a horrendous 4 hour exam and after I will be in dire need of wine or patronaritas. You + me + ritas = more fun than the City of Dallas is likely prepared for hahahhaha Lemme know.