Monday, January 11, 2010

10 things for 2010

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  I DON'T DO RESOLUTIONS.  But I am going to take a page out of Nicole's book but put my own little twist on it.  She recently marked off 3 things on her big to-do list and I thought maybe I need to make a list - just for this year.  So here is my list:

  1. Take a weekend, just for me.  I'm not sure what this will be, but it will entail ME.  It might be a spa weekend, or a by yourself hiking weekend or a weekend with a few friends, a weekend with my camera - or maybe a sexy romantic get-a-way with the husband. 
  2. Add Yoga to my regular exercise routine, minimum once a week.  
  3. Take the perfect photograph.  I'm trying SEE HERE.
  4. Read To Kill A Mocking Bird - I can't believe a reader like me has never read this book.
  5. Take a day every month just for my kids & do anything and everything they want.  They are in charge!  (This is probably the scariest.)
  6. MEET my a few of my online friends.  Mindy & Jackie - this means you!
  7. Step out of my comfort zone at least once.
  8. Help a person in need.
  9. Donate my time.
  10. Re-landscape my yard.
While some look completely and totally exciting - some not so much. It gives me something to work for and well, maybe discover something about myself or someone else along the way.  This mushy stuff gives me the willies - over & out.


phairhead said...

i love yr #1!!

Julie said...

I've never read To Kill a Mockingbird either. Maybe I should add it to my non-existent resolution list (the one I never admit to but always have in my head).

Smirking Cat said...

I love #1 too! And meeting online friends would be great too.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

This is a great list. This is the year that we will meet.

Judy said...

You know, To Kill a Mockingbird is my all time favorite book. I've read it at least a dozen times. So beautifully written.

There is a gardener in the book. She can't stand nutgrass. That's me too.

Goldilocks said...

Hey girl! SO great meeting you last night. You are HILARIOUS!!! I can't wait to read through your archives!!

And I've read the first 50 pages of TKAM, but never finished...maybe I need to do that as well this year. (Along with make some goal myself!)