Thursday, June 25, 2009

Did I miss a sign from God?

Yesterday, the City Council overwhelmingly passed what I think is the stupidest piece of legislation ever. It affects the 416 houses of my neighborhood effectively forcing our neighborhood to remain nothing but one-story homes. The people for this legislation in our neighborhood wanted to maintain the feel of the neighborhood. I'm amazed sometimes at people's mind sets. Don't they know that the "feel" of the neighborhood comes from the people not the architecture. But I guess some people were behind the door when common sense was handed out.

Anyway - while this meeting was going on I was making myself lunch. I had a pot on the stove and couldn't find my pot holder so I used a dishtowel to take the lid off the pot. Does anyone see what's coming? Yes, the dishtowel caught fire. It was pure luck I walked back in to see the flames shooting up the side of the pot and manage to grab the dishtowel and make it out the backdoor without any damage to the house or my body. The dishtowel however is toast.

Did God save me from burning down my house or was he trying to save me from living in a crazy neighborhood by burning my house down? I wonder if I'll ever know.


Flutterby said...

LMAO! So THAT was what the sign from god was all about?! I am thinking the message was this "RULE #1: DON'T USE DISH TOWELS AS POTHOLDERS." And "RULE #2: DON'T LEAVE THEM SITTING BY THE STOVE IF YOU IGNORE RULE #1"

Smirking Cat said...

People whose biggest problems include how many stories houses in their neighborhood have are very lucky people with little to worry about. Exactly what "feel" are they trying to preserve?