Friday, March 13, 2009

My week, a blow-by-blow account

Oh my what a week! I wish I could truly explain the incredible craziness that was this week, but I don't think you would actually believe me. Monday - WORK. Tuesday, I was overwhelmed and I can't even begin to tell you about my Tuesday I went and measured a 12,000 square foot house. Yes, I just said 12K. Do you know how big that actually is? It was still under construction and the builder was late and her favorite adjective was "very-expensive" all I heard was, "All I know is its very expensive." I thought I might puke. Here I am living in 1461 square feet with three boys and three cats and I can't take two steps without tripping over something and I'm walking thru a house that I could put my house twice in the basement alone.

We don't get many basements in Dallas, especially full basements due to the fault line that supposedly runs thru the Mid-Cities and well there are like a million lakes around the Metroplex and foundations are messed up all the time. So its really the exception to the rule. Anyway, this house has like 6 bedrooms, 9 baths, a wine cellar and wine tasting room, a full bar, a panic room, a music room, a fully floored attic. Separate his and her baths and the shower in the Wife's bathroom is bigger than my closet. Her tub has its own room. It nice, French Architecture which is OK, but I prefer something a little more Frank Lloyd Wright.

Tuesday I also had to meet with about a million people at H2's Elementary school about his vision. We are still having issues with defining him. They say intellectually he's one of the smartest in his class, but the vision issue they are trying to figure out if it 504's him or Special Ed's him. UGH! Its frustrating.

Wednesday cleaning all day and I didn't have anything to show for it. Thursday Work & Teacher conferences. E needs to be quiet and check his work and H2 TPRI tests - 100% in math. YEA!

Friday I worked & I looked at another house. So more my style. It was a duplex about 2200 ft per side. FABULOUS! Old world charm. Dark stained wood, solid arched doors windows wood and iron, like stained glass but no color. Beautiful! I wish I could afford to buy it and convert it to single family but I don't have 7 figures. It sucks living in a town where your 1461 square foot house is worth more than the average home. I could buy twice the house in say San Antonio for the same amount I could sell my little pee wee starter house here in Big D.

Today has had me wishing for a do-over. I couldn't get out of bed. Work was work. The weather sucked! I lost my cool with my kids and my husband. I really wasn't mad, just majorly frustrated and when you live with three guys they don't understand women's hormones and frustration, they just see mad. Hopefully one day (I'll probably be on my death bed) they will understand my brain. BTW - all the cats are dudes too and even though they are fixed I'm horribly outnumbered. I've also barely had time to think, much less blog, but I hope I can catch up soon.


Katherine said...

Wow - that was a BIG house. And I like the sound of the second one better too... I'm more Art Nouveau/ Arts and Crafts than huge showers and spas anyway.

Commiserations on the hormone ride... Congratulations on whoever it was got 100% in maths. That is a number I never even dreamed of in that subject.

Julie said...

Super huge houses drive me nuts. Do you remember the couple that lived over on Abbott St. in HP (it looked a lot like my house on Willis) that were looking for someone who wanted to buy their house dirt cheap and move it off the lot because they were having a baby and need 5K sq ft? Sickening.

Basements rock. At least in NJ they do!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Way too many males in your house! That house just amazes me. Why would people even NEED something like that?

Maybe this weekend will be more laid back!

phairhead said...

sounds like Noah's ark big!

Anonymous said...

And who cleans such a big house?