Friday, March 6, 2009

Important: A must read

I bet that made you jump to the next or back button on your Internet browser. DON'T. This really really is important. I need to let you know that if you haven't backed up your computer lately, run, do not walk to the closest store and get a back up drive and back up your computer.

Remember how I've been saying my computer is in the shop. HARD DRIVE FAILURE. Its only a year old. A year. You don't really think "my hard drive might fail I should back it up" because its only a year old. So people, do yourself a favor and get your stuff backed up.

NOW, before its too late.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Oh that sucks!! I am so sorry sweetie!

~runs to put her photos on a flash drive~

Flutterby said...

18+ years on in around and all over computers and yeah... backups are rather important. Rewriteable CD's are great for pics... when I download them off my camera card they immediately go onto the cd, which gets put in the safe when it's full. Music is the same... back it up back it up... I've never lost anything important in all that time. You'd think my kids would learn from my example... nope. Daughter lost everything on hers last year when the hd went out on her 3 month old computer.

Anonymous said...

I work every day with taking care of a whole campus full of computers. What you say is very very true.

Smirking Cat said...

I back up really important stuff (legal stuff) on a jump drive, but I need to do better with all the rest of the files on my computer. Thanks for the reminder! Hope you got to save as much as you could.