Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trail Blazing - Its not for sissies.

I hate snakes, I H-A-T-E them.  That might not be a very politically correct statement, but in my case, its a true statement.  True pretty much trumps anything "politically correct".  That being said, I'm going to tell you about my day beginning with the night before.  And no it does not involve THAT.  Get you head out of the gutter.

Yesterday, I picked up my kids from school and to make a long story short - my youngest's teacher seems to be picking on him.  Apparently she called him "slow".  Now this would piss off any normal parent, but me - I pretty much am so overprotective of H2 that my husband usually has to tell me to back off.  He's remarkable. He's wonderful, but starting from day one (and I mean conception) he's had a rough ride.  He was lacking amniotic fluid in the womb, he was born 5 weeks premature, he is legally blind without corrective lenses, he has fused teeth (don't ask) and a tendency to be a klutz.  He gets that last part from me.  

Anyway I am seething, mad, whatever you want to call it these days and just couldn't let it go, so I took myself to the gym - I mean I should make this work for me right?  So after cooking a really healthy dinner, I took myself to the gym to work off my anger.  Apparently it worked.  I came home, took a shower and after putting my little angels to bed, I crawled in bed to watch a previously recorded episode of House and didn't even make it through the first 30 minutes.  I didn't finish my wine either.  A major sin I know - I am still working on penance.  So after sleeping with the television on for about 4 hours I cut it off, rolled over and WOKE UP.  All I could do was argue with various members of the staff and little H2's school.  

Apparently in this giant mess, I failed to bring my phone in to the bedroom.  It doubles as my alarm clock so when it went off this morning I basically didn't hear it for a bit and then OH CRAP! that's the alarm, where is my phone, etc. etc. etc.  I hauled everyone out of bed and somehow we made it out and to the evil elementary school.  I parked and walked the kids up which confused them because I normally drop them at the curb.  I told them I had to drop off something and parked myself outside of the counselor's door.  We had a nice talk, I made the comment that the teacher was not following the guidelines that we had set for my visually impaired child and that she was calling him derogatory names that were prejudicial to his handicap.  Do you like that prejudicial to his handicap?  I was kind of proud of myself for that.  Anyway she promised to do something - I gave her a week.  The principal was gone today and I am promised a phone call by tomorrow.  We'll see how that goes. 

I then of course had to "de-stress" so I took my fancy camera and off I went to the arboretum.  Can't be made surrounded by gorgeous gardens and flowers.  It just doesn't work.  Then I ran over to the lake and went exploring in the fish hatchery again.  Did some trail blazing, Yippee!  The problem with that was that I walked into a nest of snakes.  Yes, I said that a nest of baby snakes.  I think I actually broke the record for the standing long jump, but as there was no one there to actually measure the jump I will never get the credit I deserve.  I mean I jumped about 1/2 a football field, or just a little less, but it was far.  REAL FAR. 

 You must check my photo blog, there will be some good stuff popping up for a while.  I enjoyed myself there too.  I came home only to eat and do a quick clean up and got a fabulous idea to take the kids back to the arboretum for an afternoon of frolicking, it was after all a balmy 70 degrees today.  I packed up a few snacks all three cameras and some shorts and T-shirts for them to change into.

We walked everywhere and they spent a good 30 minutes rolling down the soft green grass hill and laughing.  It was a wonderful afternoon.  One I'll have to repeat soon.  And my day was wonderful if you don't count anything before 9 AM.  


Alex the Girl said...

You handled this rather well. Definate kudos to you.

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I am so proud of you! You controlled yourself so well.

What NERVE of that teacher!

Bunny Bunster said...

A nest of baby snakes? Yipes!!
You handled everything very well.

word verification: sistur.
Am I your sistur??

Abby said...

Wow a nest of baby snakes, do you think it was a sign that your sons teacher is an evil snake? You handled things even better that I ever would have! I will email you the story about Fletchers preschool experience, no details spared!

Julie said...

Good for you, girl.

Nest of snakes - eek.

Smirking Cat said...

I love snakes...and spiders. Doesn't mean I'd like to have quality time with a nest of them though.