Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Politicians chap my you-know-what.

I want to get up on my roof right now and scream and yell, unfortunately I would probably be taken to the psych ward instead of taken seriously.  Our country is headed for complete and total ruin.  Yes, ruin.  I understand the nation being excited for change and believing it is going to happen, but I have something to tell you.  Its not.  

BTW - this is not a complaint on the current administration.  The American People elected this Congress & the President and that's that people get over it if you don't like it - or vote accordingly in the next election.  I just don't like some of the current ideas being thrown around.  I also am sick of the Democrats and Republicans blaming the other one for all the problems.  SHUT UP AND WORK TOGETHER I SAY.

This is not a big surprise to most people at least most people over a certain age.  We have seen a trend, but newer voters they just see change.  They see a Democrat instead of a Republican, they see the first African American President, a man who's going to fight for the little person.  I have a secret to tell you.  Politicians, regardless of whether they are Republican or Democrat, are going to fight for their own agenda (and livelihood) every time.  Over the past decade I have been pretty diligent about voicing my opinions to the representatives I have in the House and in the Senate.  I also communicate with my State Representatives.  Where has it gotten me - not very far.  What was satisfying was to tell a current political representative, while I was in line to vote, that I wasn't supporting him this year because not once did he respect the opinion I voiced to him and as my elected official - which I thought that was his job.  I completely agree that something has to change to help our country, but the current stimulus package is not going to do it.  Building a new building for Homeland Security and then furnishing it at a total of 1.1 billion dollars is not going to stimulate the economy.  Socializing medicine is going to screw up medicare and dramatically lower salaries for healthcare professionals.  Mind you health care is a growing field - it won't be if what is written in the current package passes.  Unless you are going to start paying for the educations of doctors they are not going to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get an education and then make less than their yard man.  My husband's salary would probably be cut in half.  I have health insurance and I'm going broke paying what they don't pay.  I am also paying almost as much for medical insurance as I am for my house each month.  But to socialize medicine - which is what President Obama is talking about no matter what he says is not going to help the economy.

I love that they want to replace all the government cars with hybrids.  Yea going green, but couldn't we replace them as they wear out instead of just buying a fleet of cars.  Seriously, how can buying a bunch of hybrids (mind you the car companies that are failing are not making hybrids) going to solve the economy?  

I love the idea of a tax credit to buy houses, but people, if you you don't have a job or you are now under-employed like most of us who still have jobs how the heck are you going to afford to buy a house.  Shoot how are you going to afford to sell the one you got.  And don't get me started about bailing out people who's homes have lost value.  Its call free market economy.  HELLO!?!  Is everyone awake out there?  Sometimes I wonder.  Are we going to start bailing out people who's stock has gone down in price.  Oh Congress, my car has gone down in value too, can I get a check or a tax credit or something.  I'll tell you what I need - a way to get out of my car lease.  Yes, I am so screwed with the car lease.  When I was flush - it so made sense, but now that the economy has tanked can you fix that for me?  

I don't have all the answers, but I do know that we don't manufacture anything anymore.  Maybe we should start doing that.  Maybe we should bring call centers back to the US instead of handing them out to other countries.  Maybe we should accept the fact that you can't be so greedy about needing a raise or additional benefits, there are people out there that can't feed themselves and unions are not giving in to concessions.  Heck, the current stimulus package is going to give money to Hollywood.  Tell me why do we need to do that?  

I'm sick to my stomach with all this stuff - Bush pushed thru a stimulus package, now in less than 6 months we are going to push another one thru.  That will make something like 1.5 trillion bucks.  Where is the money coming from and how come there is NOTHING in there that is going to help my situation.

Somewhere I know it says that the government is suppose to work for the people of that country, but I think the government didn't get the memo.  Thank you for your time and allowing me to vent.  I feel much better.


Abby said...

Amen sister, I am going to be a nurse, I am total freaking out about the health care industry, Yes we will always need nurses but how much we are paid is going to be up for grabs. The economy is scary!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

And I believe that the spiral has been going on for years and years. We are just now pulling our heads out of the sand and looking at it.

The Unstable Blogger said...

ahh yes, I toss an "amen" to ya as well. Socialized medicine DOES NOT WORK and it reduces quality of care and completely Fs health care workers. But do all these people who just BLINDLY (yes, I said it) follow whatever the hell that comes out of the new Prez's mouth take the time to UNDERSTAND and RESEARCH what the impact really is????

NO. They do not. (and that is not a diss on President Obama either...more of a diss on the sheep who just blindly follow)

Oh and another thing... for those of you sitting on your ass waiting for Obama to save you - it aint gonna happen. GET UP and do something for yourself. Those of us who are working our asses off and paying our taxes and not saying stupid ass crap like "oh I know I will have a job when Obama fixes the economy" ummm consider yourself punched in the head. Wake up.

The new stimulus bill has a bunch of agenda-ridden bullshit in it that doesnt help you or me or hardly any family or individual. And it actually CUT OUT some stuff that was for some good things that I wouldnt have had a problem with...go figure. Party doesnt matter, folks...its still all politics.

Whew... and I didnt even rant about how gas prices are sneaking back up.

Thanks for posting this, Dijea. I think you speak for a LOT of people. And sorry I ranted so much. I havent blogged in a while. lol

Flutterby said...

I am blog-hopping through my bestest friend Mindy's followers and whoring myself out for more followers of my own, lol. My post the other day was about the tax hike for higher income people... truly pisses me off. Not that it would affect me personally, but what does it do to the incentive to work hard to do better for yourself and your family if all it means is you have to pay more of the share than others do, for people who WON'T do for themselves? And yep.. it's to fund health care. What about funding CHILD CARE so single parents can actually WORK without it costing every cent they have for substandard daycare? What about funding child care so single parents can go to SCHOOL and do better for themselves and their children? Oh yeah.. that's my soapbox... I am off it now.