Monday, March 31, 2008

Eye Candy

There are few men in Hollywood I find truly attractive, most of my celebrity crushes occur because I find out something these people do in their everyday life and it intrigues me, and not on screen or not on their looks.  

These men intrigue me and well, to put it mildly - THEY ARE HOT!

Who is your celebrity crush?  FYI, my husband's are Halle Berry & Heather Graham

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The Unstable Blogger said...

I am with you on the crush thing -- it takes more than just a perdy face to land yourself on my illustrious "i'd hit it" list ;-)

Ooooh Clive Owen is yummy.

I actually have a new addition to my Celeb Crush list -- Javier Bardem. After seeing No Country For Old Men then reading more about him and seeing how smokin hot he is in real life...girls, he is the whole package. :)

And of course, Matthew McConaughey (sp??) is always on my list! Not the brighest bulb but I love his "F$#% you, I'm from Texas" type attitude and wow is he just hawt! :-)