Monday, July 28, 2008

The room is spinning.

I'm sitting in the house after a good workout this morning and the plumber is working on the utility closet.  Whatever glue the plumber is using is making me high.  Whoo Hoo!  At least the kids aren't around to see me, or experience it for themselves.  

I go outside when it gets too bad.  I'm afraid to leave because 1) I have no water and I can't take a shower which means I still smell from the workout. 2) I might spend money I don't have. & 3) Its 105 outside.  Why would I want to go out there?  I have a good book, I'm enjoying it.  I may not remember what I read, but eh, I can start over.  

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SpookyRach said...

Just say "No!" to plumber's glue. Plumber's butt, too.

Soooo, what are you doing next Monday night? Feel like showing me how to get to that cemetery you mentioned?

spookyrach at gmail dot com