Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Besides all this, I painted my toenails.

Hello, the insane cleaning lunatic here.  Yes, I was at it again.  Today I spent the day cleaning out the dining room aka THE PLAYROOM.  Shortly, we will be remodeling our kitchen and den.  To do this we have to empty the kitchen and den.  Where is the den furniture going? - the dining room.  Where will the gunk that's been in the dining room go?  The kids room.  YeeHaw!  

Last week we rearranged the kids room so I could make "play" space.  Surprisingly enough I actually accomplished this and today after buying a rug for their room - we organized, boxed up or moved their toys.  I moved about 10 boxes of gunk to the attic and am feeling like I got something done.

 For fun, I moved the kitchen table into the dining room and we actually ate in the dining room.  We haven't done that since before the children were born.  Is that sad or what?  


Big Mac Daddy said...

I could play Battlefield all night.........what?......Lemons! FTW.

Dijea said...

Do you realize how nuts you are big mac daddy. I've been married to you for almost 13 years, and you still surprise me with your strangeness.

nicoleantoinette said...

I love cleaning and organizing. I'll be doing that in my office forEVER today and I'm kind of excited.

HeatherN3Boys said...

It's not insane - it was SMART! We eat in our kitchen because spaghetti sauce is a helluva lot easier to wipe off linoleum than it is to get out of carpet!

And yes, your man is certifiable. LOL ;-)