Saturday, August 4, 2007

Work, Work & More Work!

It is Saturday, I'm at work. Obviously not working, but that is due only to the fact that there is nothing to do. I've even filed everything, and there is nothing but a phone list in my in-box.

Its amazing the roller coaster ride Real Estate is. You have this lull during the holidays, school vacations (i.e. Thanksgiving, Spring Break) then it picks up during the beginning of Summer, and dead-ends shortly before school starts. I need the money, I don't want to not work, but at the same time, I hate sitting here with nothing to do. I have a book to read, but its about dieting and that's not fun. I've visited all the trash gossip sites, I've bugged my husband home with the kids. NOW WHAT?

Now there are weekends that I can't see straight and I feel like I've been riding a washing machine that is perpetually in the spin cycle, I don't like those weekends either.

There is always someone who calls and can't pronounce the streets the houses are located on. Bryn Mawr is a college guys, think about it, it is not pronounced Brine Mauer. Get an education!!!! Also, don't expect the houses to cost less than the cars parked out front!

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