Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Question of the day

Why is it so incredibly hard to get kids to help around the house?  I have pondered this question over and over and over, all while plotting the demise of the children who ignore my existence while it is clean up time.  They won't go outside to save their lives - but if they can get out of picking up a wet towel they will brave 105 degree Texas heat to avoid the task.

I'd like to blame it on that guy I married my wonderful husband.  Actually he is quite wonderful - unless he is disciplining the children - which is NEVER - or if he's playing video games - because no one must interrupt video games.  NO ONE.  Although, I have less respect for the guys he plays Battlefield with, as last night I discovered they were drinking wine.  I love wine, but any self respecting soldier in the middle of war should not be drinking white-wine spritzers.  Beer, Bourbon or Scotch - that's pretty much the only options for soldiers.

Sorry, I got distracted, back to the lazy children.  How do you make lazy children clean up?

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Julie said...

I don't know how to do it, but if you find the secret please pass it on. It's like I'm the worst mom in the world just because I want them to put something up when they are done with it. The younger one especially will sit on the floor bemoaning the fact that there is "too much for me to put up by myself" for so long that he would have been able to pick it all up three times over. And my dear husband will bitch about the fact that the house is a wreck and that the kids need to clean up, yet never seems to think to say "clean up" before demanding that they head upstairs for bed (often having helped make the mess himself).