Friday, July 15, 2011

Cemeteries, Boxer Shorts & Not Cooking Dinner

I forced my two young children to brave the heat and go cemetery hunting today.  I love cemetery hunting, there is always a good picture in a cemetery - well, most of the time.  And as I have been working on my family tree cemeteries have become even more of an obsession as of late.  So, I chose a cemetery I hadn't been to in a long time and tried to hunt down some photos for find-a-grave.  Well, no go.  My boys and I trudged up and down the rows looking for two little graves in the oldest catholic cemetery in Dallas without luck.  I often comment that I'm hunting dead people in my family tree search.  When you do that for yourself and you know how frustrating locating something can be you want to be able to help people do the same in their search.  If trudging through a cemetery can help someone else....who am I to deny myself the pleasure of helping someone else in their search.  It's really kind of pleasing to do something nice for other people.  In fact I wish more people thought of other people on a daily basis.

Now I'm totally thinking of myself after showering (trust me after an hour in the Texas sun in a cemetery it was needed) and dealing with my oldest's heat rash.  Seriously - its a million degrees in Texas, even before lunch.  It feels like hiking on the planet Mercury.  I'm sitting here wondering how I can get away with remaining in my husband's boxer shorts and promotional Dallas Stars t-shirt until bedtime; without coming across as completely anti-social or a boring old hag who has nothing better to do.  Well, I might not have anything better to do, I'm sure I could come up with something, but the heat has reduced my will to do nothing but maybe hold up my Kindle until I'm forced to try and get out of slaving over a hot stove for dinner.


Seriously.  Can't we just have a salad or wine, cheese & fresh bread.  Maybe a frozen margarita & chips and salsa.  Any of that works for me.  Will someone call my husband....

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(I'm very happy you are posting again - guess I need to start also!)