Thursday, February 10, 2011

Time to vent....

I would probably do better if I posted more regularly on this blog.  I need a place to vent and throw stuff out there.  I need advice.  I need people to reign me in before I go all crazy loon on a particular issue.   That being said, I need to let loose.

My baby is yet again not being given a fair chance.  He's got vision issues, you've heard that before.  But this year as room mom, I've seen a whole different side of education and I'll tell you I don't like it one bit.  My child is in an exemplary, blue ribbon elementary school.  SO WHAT.  He's gotten farther behind, because of either lack of funds, lack of interest in forwarding my child, a total lack of communication between parent & teacher and lack of follow up with special education.

I find disorganization from the teachers appalling.  Several of us moms made ourselves available to the teachers to make their copies for them, to do folders, to take some of the daily busy duties away from them so they could focus on our kids.  The problem, they couldn't get organized enough to let us help them, we sit there and waste our time waiting on them.  We go up to help and instead of having a stack of stuff ready for us they are still conferring on what homework will be ready to go home that afternoon - mind you it is 30 minutes until the school day is over.  There is a lack of control by the teachers in some of the rooms, there is a lack of organization from most of them, there is too much yelling.  And my personal favorite, the reading teacher who doesn't turn her light on in her classroom.

@*&$(#  !(#$&#   *$&@#!

I'm waiting patiently for the Special Ed coordinator to call me back.  I've talked to the assistant principal, I'm trying really hard to compose an email to the teacher that is basically now the bane of my existence.  I have to take care of this logically and without emotion, and that is h-a-r-d for me.  I want to go in there guns blazing and with a take no prisoners attitude.  Don't tell me I need to homeschool him, I am no teacher and never will be and private school is not an option.  This school needs to be completely and totally aware of the fact that they are stuck with my kid and I can only do so much and that depends on communicating to me what his problems are.  You will have to explain his test scores to the world when he fails and you lose your coveted exemplary, blue ribbon status.  YOU AND YOU ALONE.

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Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I would totally want to go in there like a momma bear but you are right. It needs to be logical.

I say just keeping talking and pushing forward.

I am not much help because we went the private school route...and it was totally worth the sacrifice.