Saturday, September 19, 2009

Does this mean I watch too much Bones?

I am slightly obsessed with that fabulous little show on Fox - Bones. Well, over this year, thanks to TNT & my DVR recorded the first 3 seasons and have spent the last few months watching a couple of episodes a night. Unfortunately this has caused a few problems:

Problem 1: I'm an now even MORE obsessed than I used to be.
Problem 2: I only have 3 hours of HD recording left on my DVR and Season 4 starts on TNT Monday.
Problem 3: I am now dreaming about plot lines. Yes, dreaming about plot lines.

So last night after I drifted off to sleep after re-watching the Season 5 premier I had a dream about the flirtatious crime fighting duo. I woke up and sighed and wished that it would happen for real. If Hart Hanson hasn't come up with this idea, he is completely free to use my dream in the show. So you know how Booth kept checking on Bones when she identified her mother. Well, something bad happened to daddy. YES BAD. I don't know what, it was a dream. Anyway, instead of Booth going to Brennan, she went to him. She quietly sat down on the couch lifted up his arm, leaned into him with her head on his shoulder and stayed there until she fell asleep. Next thing in my dream it was morning and Booth was waking up on the couch with a crick in his neck and she started to stir.....and then the cat jumped on me wanting to go outside so I don't know how it ended. But it was hot. I know it would have been hot.

I need to get out more....or maybe get obsessed with House again.


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

LOL....I understand.

I would so have Dexter's baby.

Julie said...

Problem with DVR is when you catch up on episodes (I do this with Heroes, which Jim won't watch any more), you are so used to watching multiple episodes - or even one a night - that it is FOREVER waiting for a week to pass to see the next one.

bARE-eYED sUN said...

awright if'n we could enter ANY TV show and have our way, we'd like to enter THE OFFICE and liberate Pam from Jim. :-)


good post, thanks.


Smirking Cat said...

If I could ever remember when any television shows are on (besides hockey games, of course) I think I'd really like Bones!

Abby said...

I really love Bones too, it is a great show and at the end of each episode I always yell at the TV and say "Make out already" I have never seen sexual frustration and attraction come screaming through the TV more than on that show! It drives me nuts but I love the show!