Monday, August 24, 2009

While the kids are away....the mommies can play

It has been a little while since I posted last. One big change since the last time I posted:


Holy Smokes it feels good. I'm trying to paint my bedroom - which has been a comedy of errors. Not that I'm screwing up its just every time I move a piece of furniture there is something else to patch, caulk or sand. Whoopee!

I have already been to the school 3 - that would be THREE - times today. Once for drop off, then off to a Bloody Mary party - I had a Mimosa (don't tell the principal). Then went back and organized school supplies. Brought home decodable readers that I tore out, folded and stapled. Sharpened pencils and went back up to the school to have lunch with both of my boys. Don't think I'm one of those over-achieving moms. I'm not. I'm more than happy to help out, of course it might be because I'm avoiding the mess that is my bedroom. I also am hoping that I'll be working soon and not have time to help out.

Who cares anyway, the kids are in school!!! The mommies can play again!


Rebecca said...

I always take the first day of school off. I tell my kids it's a holiday for moms!

phairhead said...

i heartily approve of anyone that drinks before noon!

Better with a Bow said...

What is a decodable reader and why do they need to be torn, folded and stapled?
How cool is a Bloody Mary Party, which I could play with you all.

Kelly said...

Yea for the kids going back to school! Bloody Mary parties should be a Monday tradition!