Wednesday, August 26, 2009

NEWS FLASH, I really am too old for the military.

Could someone please tell me where all the time goes. Time used to go so slow when we were kids - now I turn around and its like a week later and I don't remember anything.

I've been trying to paint my bedroom for like three months. I have hunkered down the last week or so and done all the prepping. In fact this morning I finished the texturing and caulking. Now I have to tape off the trim for painting. I feel like I've made headway, however my cat is freaking out that the bed is in the wrong place. I can't sleep. Parts of my body hurt that well, shouldn't. My arms feel like noodles - my hand I think will never be the same after using the caulking gun. My butt feels like I've done a week on the stair climber. Seriously - its just prep work. I am either the most out of shape woman on the planet or I am old.

This morning I've made the kids breakfast, packed their lunches, dropped the kids at school - looked for the already missing lunchbox all over the school campus. I've made myself breakfast - started the dishwasher, finished caulking a window, textured the walls I patched. Started the laundry (YUCK!), taken out the trash. Its 9:23 am. I feel like a marine - you remember those commercials. We do more before 9 AM than you do all day. I hope it was the marines, maybe it was the army. For those of you that read regularly - you will know to say that I am not a morning person would be an understatement of vast proportions. I feel like I should get a nap, but I'm still wading through stuff all over the house. Maybe if I get off this computer I could actually accomplish the rest, maybe even bake a treat for the kids for when they get home.

Nah, my friend would say I'm scaring her and call me June Cleaver for a week.


phairhead said...

i'm getting tired just reading this post!

Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

You little multi-tasker you!

Better with a Bow said...

Think how nice it will be to have it all done. Actually I think you are one smarty panties stopping for a break. We all know too much work makes for a nasty girl!
Now, get back to the grind!

Kelly said...

I'm impressed! Really, that's more than I do in most weeks!